A daily ritual of reading the newspaper helped a New York City man learn a skill that he would later use when saving his co-worker’s life. On the subway on his way to work, David Martinez, 55, peruses The Washington Post on his Kindle to catch up on political news.

A story that the Post published last July about a type of bystander CPR, known as Hands-Only CPR, caught his eye. The news website posted a video alongside the article that showed how to perform Hands-Only CPR to a catchy, acapella version of the Bee Gees’ hit, Stayin’ Alive.0331-Feature-CPRsaves_WP

Martinez watched the 90-second video only one time. The video was produced by the American Heart Association in conjunction with Anthem Foundation.

Three months later, Martinez, who is a signal maintainer for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and his co-workers, including Monique Brathwaite, were performing maintenance work inside a subway station located at 145th Street in New York City.