Gabriel Iglesias Is Losing Weight and Controlling His Diabetes

Gabriel Iglesias, also known as “Fluffy” has risen to fame by making fun of his weight, but now he’s using his fame and comedy shows to address a very serious issue, his health and living with diabetes. The comedian recently canceled some shows and apologized to his fans, stating:

“I can not apologize enough for the sudden cancellation of recent shows. I’m dealing with some serious health and emotional issues that needed attention asap. Attempting to work through my problems was not going over and I had to stop everything b4 things got worse. Failing to make better choices and never taking a break in 20 years of intense touring has finally caught up to me. I need to get better b4 I can return to making people laugh and smile. I applaud my management for doing their best to protect me but my fans need to know the truth. Fluffy is fine but Gabriel needs help,” he said on Facebook.

His fans have shared personal stories of their weight loss success and have motivated him to keep going and to take care of himself. Since he took a break from his tour he lost 20 pounds in 20 days and the best news is that by leading a healthier life, he’s been able to control his diabetes.