Gabriel Iglesias Is Losing Weight and Controlling His Diabetes

His goal is to get off insulin, and while this might take some serious work, it is possible. According to, if your doctor puts you on insulin, it’s not necessarily permanent. People that have type 1 diabetes need insulin to survive, but people with type 2 diabetes use insulin as one more tool to control their blood sugar.

Iglesias is working with a trainer to help him lose weight, and this is the first step towards getting rid of the insulin. Along with the help of his doctor who prescribes his diabetes medication, more than likely he’s watching what he eats, which not only will help him lose more weight but better control his blood sugar. He admits that he hates working out, but there are some sacrifices that are definitely worth the effort.

Just got my ass handed to me in the gym. I hate working out but I hate being sick more. I’m definitely being challenged. #gabrieliglesias #thecomeback

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