STOP Using Q-Tips, This Is The Right Way To Clean Your Ears

You’ve probably been cleaning your ears with Q-tips for many years and unfortunately, you’ve been doing it wrong! Cleaning your ears with Q-tips seems practical, but they do more harm than good. Getting earwax in your ears is perfectly normal because it actually helps things like dust and debris from getting inside your ear, which help fight infection. Fortunately, there ways to get rid of earwax and about time you get rid of Q-tips, which are doing you no favors.

woman cleaning ear

Ears are designed to clean themselves by pushing the ear wax out of the canal on its own. When you clean your ears with a Q-tip you push the earwax inside your ear canal, which can actually cause you to make more wax. After years of cleaning your ears with Q-tips, you can create a blockage that can cause you to have hearing problems and ear pain, which will eventually have to be removed professionally by your doctor.