6 Reasons to Love Ezekiel Bread

Bread is a comfort food and it’s probably the most difficult carb to cut off your diet because it tastes so good. Ezekiel bread (sprouted grain bread) is the bread that’s been missing from your life. Recently it has made its way to the lips of the average health-conscious person and there are many reasons to jump on the Ezekiel bread bandwagon!BREAD

Ezekiel bread contains no flour and is made up of a mixture of grains and legumes– organic wheat, millet, spelt, barley, soybeans, and lentils. This awesome combination makes Ezekiel bread a complete source of protein, on par with eggs and milk; plus all of these ingredients contain nine essential amino acids!

6 reasons to love Ezekiel Bread

1. Vegans Love It

This loaf doesn’t contain a trace of eggs, butter, or milk. While many vegans find it challenging to meet their daily quotas for iron, calcium, and protein, crafting a sandwich or French toast with Ezekiel is the perfect way to get these plant-sourced nutrients.

2. Diabetics Love It Too

Finally, diabetics can enjoy a slice or two of bread without the dreaded sugar spike. Ezekiel bread is low-glycemic and has been awarded the Diabetic Friendly Seal by the Glycemic Research Institute. Food For Life assures that Ezekiel can lower blood sugar levels, reduce spikes, reduce weight and risk of heart disease, and can help control type 1 and 2 diabetes, as well as hypoglycemia and hypertension.

3. Doesn’t Contain Any Additives

It doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, or shortenings. Food For Life harnesses the natural powers of the mighty grains and legumes in their purest, most natural form—which we’re totally on board with!