Winter Hair Growth Tips

Have you noticed that your hair grows slower in the winter than it does in the summer? Perhaps it’s the lack of sunshine (which is needed for hair growth) or maybe it’s just genetics. Both of these things affect your hair growth, but there are things that you can do to help improve hair growth.

Sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin D, which helps stimulate hair growth and even prevent hair loss. Since the days are shorter in the winter, most of us spend most of that time inside or covering our heads with hats, and don’t benefit from the benefits of tips, brunette woman

What Can You Do?

Spending time outside even when it’s cold is great for your overall health. Plus, you only need about 10 minutes to reap the benefits. Take off your hat and enjoy the beauty of winter outside for a couple of minutes. But, if you’re just not that adventurous and you fear getting frostbite, then, try these hair growth tips that can give your hair the boost it needs: