Should Women Shave Their Faces?

Shaving your face used to be something that only men did, but now women do it too. And why wouldn’t they? Women already pluck or wax their eyebrows, lips, and chin, not to mention their legs, and some even get a bikini wax and even pluck the hairs on their toes. Women are not fans of hair, and now shaving your face has become a new trend that many are keeping a secret, but they really shouldn’t!

woman shaving her face

There are many reasons why women shave their faces. Some have a lot of facial hair and just don’t like how it looks especially when your hairs get in the way when applying make-up. Others just do it because it works wonders for their skin.

The good news is that shaving your face is perfectly normal. You can get it waxed or threaded, which are two very popular forms of removing unwanted facial hair, except it can be painful.