Plan Ahead If You Have A Loved One With Alzheimer’s

The holidays are a difficult time for families that have a loved with Alzheimer’s disease. During the holiday season most families have dinners for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, but in addition to the stress of hosting a party, caregivers also have to worry about the well-being and safety of a person that has Alzheimer’s and other dementias.holidays and alzheimer's

The Alzheimer’s Association offers a number of tips that families can use to prepare for such occasions. They know that it’s not easy being a caretaker and it’s important to plan ahead especially during festivities where a person with Alzheimer’s can wander off or feel uncomfortable in a social situation.

Make sure others know: Let guests know what to expect before they arrive and tell them how they can help. For example, what activities can they do with the person with Alzheimer’s or how best to communicate with them.