Don’t Let Your Metabolism Slow Down During Winter Break

Many people save their vacation days to travel in December so that they can spend the holidays with their loved ones. But during the winter our metabolism starts getting a little lazy because we’re overindulging, not making any time to exercise, and just taking it easy. There are way too many distractions, but there are things that you can incorporate into your everyday routine in order to give your metabolism that extra boost it needs to work at full speed.

Start the day with something warm

You’ve been resting for 8 hours, but your body has been working all night long. Drinking hot tea or hot/lukewarm water with lemon first thing in the morning can help increase your metabolism, while cleansing your digestive system before eating anything else.

drinking tea

Move as much as possible

The best thing you can do to give your metabolism a boost is by adding movement to everything that you do, as much as possible. Small boosts of exercises throughout the day, such as taking 5-minute walks, stretching, doing lunges, walking up the stairs instead of the elevator, all of those things can keep you energized and give you the boost you need.