Your Laundry Is Killing You

A laundry basket sitting next to fresh, folded towelsYou probably deal with pollution every single time you leave your home. But could you be destroying the quality of the air inside of your home as well?

You might be doing it every time you do your laundry.

Surprisingly, hanging damp clothes on indoor clothing racks can be a shocking source of indoor pollution, according to Scottish scientists from the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit at the Glascow School of Art. After conducting a three-year study on public housing units, they concluded that drying laundry inside of your home is accompanied by dangerous health hazards.

The average home has between 1 and 2.5 gallons of water in the air at any given time, according to the study. But a load of laundry can release an additional half gallon into the air, leaving behind all kinds of unhealthy agents that you later inhale.

Cancer-causing chemicals: People who use fabric softeners tend to have higher levels of cancer-causing chemicals called acetaldehydes in their indoor air, according to earlier research.