Alexis Bledel’s 5-Step Facial

We haven’t seen much of Alexis Bledel during the last couple of years, but now that the Gilmore Girls revival came out (almost 10 years later), she looks like she hasn’t aged one bit. Celebrity aesthetician Brigitte Bease is partially responsible for Bledel’s great skin since she’s been taking care of her facials for the past 10 years.

What is the secret to her picture-perfect complexion? It might just be good genes because she is a Latina(she’s half Argentinian), plus she has a little help from her aesthetician. “Regular facial treatments that address skin concerns and the use of a strict daily regimen,” explains Brigitte to ENews. The beauty guru explains that having great skin takes some work and the right ingredients. “By incorporating anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and using appropriate equipment as technology advances, such as the Environ DF Machine or red light therapy,” she explains.