New Skin Patch Analyzes Your Sweat While You Exercise

Getting on the elliptical machine is half the battle, but what does sweat really tell you? Researchers have developed a flexible device that sticks to the skin, analyzes your sweat and sends the results to your smartphone.

Researchers say the device — about the size of a quarter — offers insight into whether you need to drink more water or down an energy drink to boost electrolyte levels.sweat patch

“The intimate skin interface created by this wearable, skin-like … system enables new measurement capabilities not possible with the kinds of absorbent pads and sponges currently used in sweat collection,” said John Rogers, lead author of a study reporting development of the “lab on the skin.”

Rogers is a professor of materials science and engineering, biomedical engineering and neurological surgery at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering in Evanston, Ill.