Why Are Women Rushing To Get An IUD?

Newly elected President Donald Trump has women urging others to get an IUD. An IUD is an intrauterine small T-shaped device that is placed inside your uterus, which is considered one of the most effective and reversible forms of contraceptive methods. But before you run to your gyno, make sure you know all the facts.


What’s the rush?

Trump opposes reproductive rights, has recommended punishment for women who seek abortions, and wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood. He also wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which covers a lot of services that women currently receive at no extra cost, including birth control, mammograms, Pap smears, and other preventative care.

Are IUD’s Safe?

Yes, they are safe and effective and can even last up to 12 years, which many women are optimistic about, since you know… Trump may be in office up to 8 years. Here are some other useful facts about IUD’s:

There are two types: Hormonal and Copper

Hormonal IUD’S include Mirena, Skyla, and Liletta, all of which release a stream of the hormone levonorgestrel to the uterus to prevent pregnancy. These last typically up to 3 years.copper IUD

Copper includes ParaGard, which is made of copper, since apparently metal is toxic to sperm and it doesn’t release any hormones, but can provide approximately 10 years of protection, if not more.

Attacks Sperm

Hormonal IUD’s release progestin, which makes the cervical mucus thick and sticky, making it extra difficult for sperm to reach the egg. If the sperm somehow gets through this layer, the hormones will prevent it from fertilizing the egg.

It’s Painful

IUD’s are T-shaped, about 1.25 inches long and 1.25 inches across and getting one implanted is an outpatient procedure that takes just a couple of minutes. After it’s in, women can expect painful cramping that can last for a couple of minutes and many times throughout the day.iud

Get One During Your Period

The best time to get an IUD is a couple days into your period because that’s when your cervix is the most open, since it’s letting the menstrual blood out, which makes it less uncomfortable and probably less painful.

Changes Your Period

Hormonal IUD’s can make your periods lighter and even reduce painful cramps (yay!) and one of the perks is that your period can be reduced by 90% or not have any periods at all. Copper IUD’s can have the opposite effect, lots of cramps and a longer, heavier period. Other side effects can include headaches and back pain.

Not Everyone Can Get One

Certain health conditions can prevent you from getting one, including if you’ve suffered from a pelvic infection after having a baby or an abortion in the last 3 months.

Talk to your doctor and see if this is the best form of birth control for you. Remember that just because Trump is the newly elected president, doesn’t mean that all of these services will be taken away. Don’t rush into anything and do what’s best for you.