Argentinian Women Mourn and Protest the Violent Death of Teen

Lucia Perez was kidnapped, drugged, raped viciously, and impaled by an Argentinian drug gang earlier this month. The 16-year-old died from the violent attack and Argentinian women took to the streets to protest violent attacks on women.

The sexual predators washed and redressed her to cover up the sexual assault and left her at a rehab clinic, hoping those that would find her would think this was a case of drug overdose.

Prosecutor Maria Isabel Sanchez said: “The girl was impaled and this was the cause of her death.

lucia perez“She had been subjected to brutal, inhumane sexual abuse.”

Sanchez added: “She died because of the injuries she suffered from being impaled.”

Police traced the van used to drop Lucia at the clinic and and arrested two men, Matias Gabriel Farias, 23, and Juan Pablo Offidani, 41. So far police has captured 2 of the men, but they are still looking for one more.