STOP Microwaving These Foods

Leftovers are part of our everyday lives, especially when you have a large get-together and have tons of food in the fridge. It only makes sense to stick a plate in the microwave and eat some leftovers, but you have to be careful because some foods can become toxic when you reheat them and even cause health problems in the long-run.


Hot Peppers

When you grill peppers they release capsaicin, which is the chemical compound that gives them their heat, creating that burning sensation when they’re spicy. Now just imagine what would happen, if you microwave peppers. For one thing, they can catch fire and when you open the door it might feel as if you sprayed your eyes and throat with pepper spray—and it will hurt.


Grapes and Raisins

Some people like cooking oatmeal in the microwave and can add raisins, and that’s perfectly fine because nothing will happen to them when mixed with oatmeal. But, if you try microwaving a plate of grapes to turn them into grapes, that just won’t happen because they will erupt and explode, making a mess. Raisins will clump together and might even smoke if you leave them in there too long, so just don’t do it.grapes and raisins