Nely Galán: Empowered, Self-Reliant And Rich In Every Way


Every now and then, someone comes along that raises the bar for the next generation. Someone who inspires those who follow to be stronger, smarter and bolder. Such is the case with Nely Galán, a media powerhouse who served as the former President of Entertainment at Telemundo, making her the first Latina president at a major network. She has owned and operated her own media company since 1994, is an Emmy Award winning producer and currently spearheads the non-profit organization The Adelante Movement, which empowers and trains Latinas to become entrepreneurs.

MBG spoke with Galán during her book tour for her latest endeavor, Self Made: Becoming Empowered, Self-Reliant & Rich In Every Way (currently on books stands). Galán’s straight talk and no nonsense guide to success gave everyone at the MBG office motivation to last a lifetime.

Nely Galan Self Made Book Cover

MBG: You’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit from very young age. As a teen, you submitted an article to Seventeen Magazine that led to a permanent position. Where did you get your drive and ambition? Who were your role models growing up? 

NG: I’m an immigrant and that says it all. My parents came here when they were in their 30’s and lost everything. They were completely broke, with all that being said, they had to re-establish their entire lives. They did it with a lot of grace and humility and they never complained. They were extremely grateful to be here. This mindset really inspired me. My book has a chapter entitled, “Think Like An Immigrant” and I believe that’s the key to my success. I don’t expect anything. I don’t take anything for granted. I’m not entitled. I just work really hard. Nothing comes easy, and I never think it’s going to get easier, because it never does. After one mountain, there is always going to be another. You have to roll with it or else you’ll want to give up, and you can’t give up if you want to succeed.

MBG: Your book, Self Made, is an economic revolution for women, instilling into the reader how making your own money is so important. Do you think our society supports that? Especially for mothers?

NG: Absolutely not. I don’t think anyone supports anybody to do anything. If you’re waiting for somebody to save you, be it a significant other, a boss, a new president of the United States, a Prince Charming, then you’re going to be waiting a long time. You need to come to the conclusion that youare your own Prince Charming and you need to make it happen. No one is going to make it happen for you.

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