Jennifer Esposito’s Undiagnosed Celiac Disease Sent Her To The Psych Ward

Jennifer Esposito was living with celiac disease and she didn’t even know it. The 43-year-old actress was on the “Samantha Who” set when all of a sudden her tooth fell out of her mouth, just as she was filming a scene. That’s when she ran to the doctor’s office and demanded answers.

She knew that something was wrong, but her doctor wasn’t listening. “But what do you when people aren’t listening. And I went back to the doctor and I said, ‘Please, I need help. Please keep me here because I’m jumping out of my skin.’”

Instead of getting checked in to the hospital, she got checked into a psych ward. She was having a nervous breakdown because of the inexplicable disease that was not only cause her teeth to fall off, but her hair, eyelashes and even fingernails.