Yummy Mexican Plants and Flowers You Need To Try!


When it comes to delicious food, Mexico has a wide variety of tasty options and it’s not just tacos al pastor that delight our palates, but also edible plants and flowers. They are delicious and full of nutrients that your body needs everyday. Here are some that will make you want to be adventurous and try these amazing flowers and plants.


ensalada de nopalesNopales

Nopales are everywhere around Mexico: on the side of the roads, growing wild at the back of your garden, on veggie stalls in your local market, and even in our coat of arms. They’re an icon, not just of Mexican culture, but also of the cuisine. They’re the perfect garnish if prepared as a fresh salad with coriander, onion, tomato and jalapeños; you can also have them grilled to accompany a good taquiza; you can stew nopales and add them to your veggie soup. You can even combine nopales with celery and orange in a strong anti-cold juice. It’s a highly nutritious, high-fiber plant that also helps to keep cholesterol and blood glucose levels in check. Don’t let its slimy texture keep you away because it’s quite tasty.