Elizabeth Vargas Had A Drunk Blackout & A Stranger Saved Her Life

Elizabeth Vargas hid her alcohol addiction for many years, but after getting the help she needed, she decided to come clean and talk about her experience, hoping to help others by sharing her story. She wrote a book called Between Breaths, A Memoir of Panic and Addiction, which will be out on the shelves September 13th. The 20/20 news anchor talks about one of the scariest experiences of her life when she blacked out for 13 hours and ended up in a New York City hospital unaware of how she got there.

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“It was terrifying once I started to hear the particulars,” Vargas, 54, tells PEOPLE Magazine. “I will never know who that person was that saved my life.” She woke up at the hospital unaware of how she got there, and to this day, she still doesn’t remember what exactly happened that day or who brought her to the hospital.

“I spent a lot of time and energy after that trying to pry a memory out around that padlocked door, and I can’t,” she says. “I was sure that in a few weeks … I could get something out. No. I don’t remember anything.”