Beauty Cheats That You WON’T Find In The Beauty Aisle

Women love options, especially when it comes to their beauty regimen, which is why there are so many brands of makeup, moisturizers, and beauty products that target the specific needs of women. There are various options for every budget and the best part is that if you want youthful skin, you don’t have to go under the knife with these products.

woman looking wrinkly

Drink shots: We all know that beauty starts from the inside out and if you don’t have time to do green juices everyday, you can buy beauty shots. The Hair Molecule is a liquid complex of silicon and biotin that helps keep your hair strong, and the Phyto Collagen Molecule includes collagen, which helps keep your skin looking young and firm. There are also ginger shots, antioxidant shots, and others that also keep you healthy from the inside out.The Hair Molecule


Gummies: Every kid loves Flintstone’s vitamins because they taste like candy and adults have something even better: gummies designed for the specific needs of men and women. As you age, you stop producing less collagen, your bones get weaker, and so you need an extra boost. Just like with the beauty shots, women can buy gummies designed for hair, skin and nails. These are packed with vitamins that help boost your metabolism, bone support, and even Folic acid and biotin.

vitafusion gummies for women

Sprays: When you think about sprays, you think about oils that you spray on your hair to keep it healthy and smooth, but those are not the sprays we’re talking about. There are sprays that you can use on your face such as the PRAI collagen spray and Viatrexx Bio which you can actually spray orally to get the same anti-aging and deep wrinkle benefits.PRAI Collagen spray


Patches: There are so many different types of patches that have been used for years. Some of the more popular ones are the detox footpads that help remove toxins from our bodies. Now there are multivitamin and anti-aging topical vitamin patches that you can simply wear anywhere on your body. They promise the same thing that gummies do and are packed with natural antioxidants and vitamins that help keep you healthy from the inside out.

anti-aging topical patch