Is It Time For a Makeup Detox?

Everywhere you look there are videos of women applying layers and layers of makeup. From contouring to strobing to clown makeup, women are applying just too much makeup. What happens to your skin when you apply too much makeup and is it time for a beauty detox?

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Do You Moisturize Before Applying Makeup?

Wearing makeup makes us look pretty, enhances our features and could even out skin tone. There are so many different types of makeup, which is why it’s important to wear the best type of makeup you could afford. One of the biggest mistakes women make is not wearing a moisturizer and applying their makeup directly on un-moisturized skin. This puts you at risk for health problems, such as skin irritations and the chemicals in makeup can even contain lead and carcinogens that can give you more serious health issues.woman with too much makeup

Do You Overapply?

Another big problem is applying too much makeup, which often makes you look older than you are. Many times, women have skin imperfections such as a discoloration, acne, and brown spots, which cause them to over apply makeup. These issues can be corrected with the right types of makeup that target problem areas, and even making adjustments in your diet can help clear your face. If you find yourself that you leave makeup on your clothes, your neck looks a different color than your face, or you could see the thickness of your foundation, then more than likely you are wearing too much makeup.