Camila Alves Shares 3 Tips To Relieve A Bloated Belly

Camila Alves is dedicated to healthy eating and she even launched Camila’s Code last year where the mother of 3 shares lifestyle tips and cooks healthy recipes. Even though she tries to eat as healthy as possible, she still suffers from bloating, which is why she decided to change the way she eats.

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“Around awards season, I was feeling really bloated, so I called a friend who’s a nutritionist, Rachel Beller, and I asked her what I could do,” explains Camila Alves to Delish. She says that it all comes down to your eating habits and listening to the way your body responds to the specific things you eat. “If you spend three or four days eating clean, then gradually start putting different foods back into your diet, you can get an idea—‘when I eat this, I don’t feel good’—and know what works for you.”

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There are some foods that are known to increase bloating, such as soda, white bread, processed and red meat, fried food, and baked goods. Any one of these probably makes most our favorites list, which is why if you want a flat tummy, you may want to slowly remove these from your diet.