Millennials Are Going Braless|Is It The Healthier Option?

It seems like wearing a bra is not as cool as it used to be. Now a day we are seeing more and more women skipping the bra and going braless. Companies like Victoria’s Secret, Hanes, and others are finding that young women are staying away from the conventional wire bras and are opting for wire-free versions, bralettes, or not wearing one at all.

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Victoria’s Secret is being impacted by this new trend and their shares are down nearly 30% because about a third of their revenue comes from bras. According to a 2015 NPD Group study, the sports bra is the most popular bra style among Millennials, while the lace bralette represents 32% of bralette searches from online shoppers. They are making companies like Victoria’s Secret change their ways, and this year they launched a new unpadded bralette collection.going braless

Millennials feel strongly about this trend and find it “empowering and fun” and if you look on YouTube, there are many videos fromMillennials encouraging others to go braless.
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