Getting Help When Battling an Illness

Battling a chronic disease or any type of disease can be an extremely difficult thing. Many times sick patients struggle because they don’t have the support of their family and friends, and other times they do, but that’s still not enough. Luckily there are resources that are available for free, from organizations like:

American Cancer Society
Alzheimer’s Society
American Diabetes Association
National Kidney Foundation
American Lung Association
Epilepsy Foundation
Lupus Foundation of America
American Heart Association
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

How Can These Organizations Help?woman working the hotline

24-hour hotlines

Many times a patient battling cancer can feel physically and emotionally drained. They don’t know what they have, how it got there, and want answers in a language that they can understand. Many organizations like the American Cancer Society have hotlines where you can call and ask all the questions you have about what you’re going through. Most national organizations have 24-hour hotlines with 1-800 numbers listed on their websites. Patients can get answers to specific questions from trained health experts.