A Mother’s Scary Experience With Heat Exhaustion

There are many places around the country where 100 degrees is the norm and those people are aware of the dangers of the heat. But, there are other places where 100-degree weather happens only every couple of years, so it often creeps up on you when you’re enjoying the hot weather outside. There are many dangers associated with the heat, which is why it’s so important to know the signs.

Martha Garcia had a scare with the heat when she and her children spent a little too much time outside. The temperature was 102 degrees outside and she took her kids to the park. She made sure to apply sunscreen on them and even kept some ice water close by so that they could stay hydrated.

Mother applying sun screen lotion on her child.Later that day, Garcia took her children swimming where they spent about an hour in the scorching heat. Again she applied sunscreen and watched them as they swam in the pool.

They came back home and had a snack while playing outside since they were still wearing their wet swimsuits. They rode their bikes, ran, and lounged in the backyard enjoying the sunshine.

Shortly after Garcia noticed that her son was looking a little tired, instead of running around and playing, he just wanted to lay down, completely unmotivated. She noticed that he would move slowly and just wanted to sit down, which made her think that something was off.

Boy holding a toy airplane lying on the grass. Selective focus image cross processed for vintage look

She Googled “heat exhaustion in children” because her child’s behavior was making her feel uneasy and she found that her son might be experiencing the symptoms of heat exhaustion. She took his temperature and it was over 102 degrees. At this point, he was being very quiet and only wanted to shut his eyes and go to sleep.

When she hugged him she noticed that his skin was hot and he was asking for a blanket because he was feeling cold. This is when Garcia jumped into panic mode and began to ask for help. She called her doctor and explained her son’s symptoms and he agreed that her child might be experiencing heat exhaustion.