Alyssa Milano Lost 20 Pounds Doing This…

Losing 20 pounds of baby weight may seem like a lot, but with breastfeeding, exercising and eating right, it’s totally possible. This was the case for Alyssa Milano, who had to lose 20 pounds of baby weight and in turn she found that adjusting a couple things in her lifestyle, made it easier to shed the weight and keep it off.

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Skip the tortillas

“I love any sort of meal I can cook for my kids,” she explains to Good Housekeeping. She enjoys taco night with her kids and even though they enjoy crunchy taco shells, she’ll use lettuce or cabbage for her tacos. She does the same for sandwiches. “I find that it’s just as satisfying to wrap any kind of sandwich in a good piece of sturdy lettuce, like iceberg or butter lettuce,” she says.

alyssa milano

(Photo by Debra L Rothenberg/WireImage)

Change your pizza crust

We all know you can add vegetables to your pizza as toppings, but did you know that you can also make the crust out of veggies? She enjoys making a homemade cauliflower crust. Yum!

Eat protein for breakfast

Eating protein early in the morning will help you stay full. Milano skips the toast or cereal and eats scrambled eggs and turkey bacon to stay full longer.