Feeling Lethargic, Unmotivated, & With No Energy?

The start of a new week can be a difficult thing for some people, especially if you had a great weekend. But, if you’re constantly feeling lethargic, with no energy, chances are that your dopamine levels may be low. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers, it also helps regulate movement, emotional response and it just might be what is making you feel so unmotivated lately.

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low energy Dopamine is often called the “motivation molecule” because it boosts your desire to get up and do things. Low dopamine levels can lead to Parkinson’s Disease and even addiction. This is what makes us competitive and gives us pleasure in being challenged. It allows you to have feelings of excitement and happiness. These are some of the symptoms of low dopamine:

Sleeping problems
Mood swings
Memory loss
Inability to concentrate
Low libido
Inability to feel pleasure
Lack of motivation