Jessica Camacho Didn't Want To Play The Stereotypical Latina

Since the day Jessica Camacho arrived in Los Angeles, she hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped. Camacho was brought in for the 3rd season of FOX’s hit series, Sleepy Hollow and quickly became a series regular. She explains to Modern Brown Girl how her character is everything she ever wanted and how even though she’s Latina she didn’t want to play the stereotypical Latina roles.

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Jessica Camacho

Photo by: Jeff Lorch & © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.

It was such a significant step in my career,” Camacho recalls. Sleepy Hollow has been renewed for a 4th season and she couldn’t be happier. “It’s such a fun show. It’s Sci-Fi, we’re battling demons, fighting monsters, it’s great. My character, Sophie Foster, is such a cool person. She’s strong, witty, sarcastic and capable. She’s everything I wanted in a character. What’s awesome to me is that Sophie’s storyline doesn’t revolve around the color of her skin or her cultural identity, as is the case with all of the characters, and I find that so refreshing. I don’t know where they’re taking her next season but wherever it is, I anticipate an exciting journey for Sophie Foster.”

On Why She Became An Actress

“Art is how we influence, inspire and inform others; it’s how we can touch the human experience. Art has the ability to dissolve all negativity and tell the story of the human heart. I feel so privileged to be a part of this expression where I have a voice; that’s why i became an actress. Telling someone else’s story, one who is so far removed from me, I was able to find a purpose in that.”