Carmen Dominicci Focuses On Staying Healthy As She Reaches Milestone

Carmen Dominicci was fired from Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo last year and even though that was a difficult time in her life, it hasn’t stopped her from moving on and focusing on herself. The blue-eyed Puerto-Rican newswoman will be turning 50 in just a couple of weeks and she’s focusing on staying healthy and looking great as she reaches this milestone.

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She started the #RetoDominicci where she encourages her followers to stay healthy by sharing healthy eating habits, recipes, workout tips, and articles on her website, motivating those that join the challenge.
carmen dominicci
“Just a week ago I celebrated 15 years without eating red meat or poultry. I only eat seafood and a little bit of fish once in a while. This makes a big difference because [when you eat a lot of meat] you consume a large amount of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides that I would’ve eaten in these last 15 years, and they are not in my body,” she tells People en Español.