Victor Cruz Hosts Father’s Day Exhibition & Skills Challenge

Giants wide receiver, Victor Cruz is known for his signature salsa moves every time he scores a touchdown. He’s always with a big smile on his face, but the Boricua experienced a difficult upbringing in his youth and after his father committed suicide in 2007.

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Cruz was raised by a single mother, who like in most Latino cultures used spanking or hitting to correct his bad behavior. “I understand it, but from a world’s view, it’s different…It’s not something that’s looked at as a positive thing to hit your child or anything like that. I was hit when I was young, it’s something that happens…It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is.” He adds that it’s part of what happens when you grow up in a Puerto Rican culture. “You do certain things, you might get a spanking or a whipping every now and then.”