Rosario Dawson: Actress, Producer, Activist & Now Online Talkshow Host

We’ve seen Rosario Dawson play several powerful roles on screen, but the Latina actress has been taking on a larger role as activist. In the past she’s been very vocal about domestic violence and currently she’s been helping rock the vote, standing up for women’s rights, and getting the conversation started with the online talkshow, My Peoples.

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A couple of years ago Dawson teamed up with Purple Purse, the Allstate Foundation’s symbol for domestic violence. She grew up in Coney Island on the lower east side where she saw a lot of violence and at a young age her mother taught her that this shouldn’t be the norm. Her mother volunteered for Women’s Inc., an organization that helped women in abusive relationships. “Even though we ourselves had so little, I saw her reaching out to help others. I knew one day I’d do that too,” she explained to Parade.

Rosario Dawson, activistDawson suffered from depression, but she fought through it because people cared enough to help her. “There was a lot of depression in my family growing up, and that was a hurtle for me to overcome,” she explains. “I wasn’t born self-confident—I fought for it. So to anyone who feels at her worst right now, realize there’s a way out. I wasn’t at my best either. It took the right mentors and the natural growing pains of life to get where I am. Everyone can get there. You’ll get there. Believe it.”