The Weight Loss Journey Is Not Easy–“Trainapist” Kay Yasin Guides You Through It

A lot of women struggle with weight-loss and one of the biggest reasons is because they don’t know how. Meet Kay Yasin, the owner of LIFFT (Life, Image, Food, Fitness & Training) and one of Chicago’s premier personal trainers and lifestyle coaches. Dubbed by many as a trainapist, she successfully guides her clients through the journey of weight loss with inspiration and firm results.kay yasin, LIFFT

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Born in Venezuela and raised in Puerto Rico, Kay experienced early on how a poor lifestyle regime can affect one’s life. Her paternal grandmother was morbidly obese and it resonated with Kay as a child. At home, her mother suffered with a mental illness, and Kay had to navigate the uncertainty of her mother’s emotions on her own. During her teenage years, Kay put on weight, in which her dad made reference to, “I can still hear his voice. What he said are words a little girl should never hear.”

A high school crush motivated Kay to start a fitness regime and in one summer, she went from a size 16 to a size 4. She dedicated her time to learn about nutrition and exercise and even prepared her own meals. Exercise was her way of dealing with the tidal wave of emotions at home and working out became her happy place, a place of sanctuary.