Thalia: Lyme Disease is No Joke

Thalia suffers from Lyme disease and the singer posted a photo on Instagram telling her followers how she continues to get treatment for the disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection you get from the bite of an infected tick, many times deer ticks can carry the bacteria that causes the disease. Recently Carmen Salinas mocked Thalia, poking fun at the disease, but in reality Lyme disease is no laughing matter.

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“Does she have a deer in her house? You need to fumigate that field, honey, and fumigate yourself too!” said Salinas. Thalia has been battling for disease for several years and in many cases the symptoms continue years later.

lyme disease, ThaliaWhat are the symptoms?

One of the first noticeable symptoms is a sting on the skin that leaves the area looking like a bull’s eye. As the infection spreads, a person might have symptoms similar to the flu, such as:

Muscle and joint aches