Skip the Juicing…Instead Try Chicken Detox Soup

The weekend is the perfect time to detox your body. Part of leading a busy life is finding the time to do things for yourself and the weekend is the perfect time to catch up and eat healthier. Most people use juicing or herbal teas to detox, but have you tried detoxing with soup? Juice and tea are fine, but it might leave you feeling extra hungry and prone to binge eating, which is not good. Using a detox soup is a great way to get rid of some of the toxins from your body, get the nutrients that you need that are beneficial to your health, and stay full.

chicken detox soup

Chicken soup is something that most people like to eat when they’re sick, but it’s really something that we should eat more of because it’s delicious and good for your health. The following Chicken Detox soup is made with fresh chicken, vegetables, spices that help boost your metabolism and immune system, not to mention gets rid of toxins. This is a recipe that should be eaten and often.