6 Things To Do After Being Diagnosed With Diabetes

Woman sits on floor at home relaxed and smilingI found out I have diabetes. Now what?

Many times, there are people who are diagnosed with diabetes yet don’t know what the next step is in the process besides going to the doctor and checking blood sugar.

There are small steps that you can take in the meantime that will help in controlling your blood sugar.

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1. Start looking for your substitutes. Start integrating artificial sweetners into your coffee and diet rather than using real sugar. The best kinds to use are the yellow and green packets, which are Splenda and Stevia, respectively.

2. Teach your family members about what you’re learning and ask for them to help look up information about diabetes as well. Open the dialogue with your children, spouse and other loved ones about proper balance and why you have to think about what you eat now.

3. Don’t blame yourself. What’s done is done now. You can’t reverse diabetes and although you can put it into remission, you cannot get rid of it fully. Start taking your health into your own hands and take the initiative to better the situation that you’re in.

4. Start walking. Walking is the best form of exercise. Your body also knows how to do it without any training or accessories. Go for walks after dinner or when the weather is nice. Try and walk at least 30 minutes and at a quick pace. Walking with a friend can also make it more fun and entertaining.

5. Start buying fresh food without frying it. The hard part is cooking. We know. Purchasing quick and easy snacks can help you in this way. Eating baby carrots, celery sticks, apples, pears and oranges are great ideas because they are clean and don’t need to be cooked to enjoy. All of these foods are quick and easy to take with you. Buying nuts, which are full of protein, are a healthy snack that keep you satiated and full in between meals.

6. Find support online. There are plenty of helpful resources online that cater to advocacy and helping support those living with diabetes. Check out Diabetes Social Media Advocates who live chat every Wednesday in English and in Spanish. There is also TuDiabetes.com and EsTuDiabetes.com. Take a look at the American Diabetes Association as well. Every little bit could help you feel more comfortable.