Fix Your Bad Dye Job Naturally

Many times you go to the salon with pictures on your cellphone of celebrity hair that you love and want. You show the photos to your hairdresser and she promises she knows exactly what she needs to do to achieve that look. You put all your trust in her hands and are super excited of how it will turn out, except that when she uncovers your hair, you’re disappointed because it’s not what you were expecting. What do you do?bad dye job

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Speak up!

The first thing we recommend is speaking up. Many times you don’t want to disappoint your hairdresser, but if you’re not getting what you want, then you need to let them know. Chances are they want to keep you as a customer and they will redo your hair until you’re happy. Don’t go and buy any home dye or dye removal because that will only damage your hair and scalp. Don’t stay quiet and go home depressed, speak up!