Selena and Justin Are Back Together| Why Do They Keep Going Back?

It seems like Selena Gomez continues to hang out with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. A relationship expert tunes in on the subject and he explains that this is more common than we think. Apparently many couples continue to break up and makeup on and off again, eventually ending up heart-broken—again!

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selena and justin Cooper Lawrence, psychologist and the host of Hollywood’s Hookups and Breakups spoke to HollywoodLife and he has answers. One of the things that young couples like Selena and Justin do is never move on and this is why they keep getting drawn back to each other. “If you’re still ruminating about someone who wasn’t good for [you], you can’t move on,” explains Cooper.

Both Selena and Justin have been linked to other celebrities and even though they’ve been in relationships, they keep going back to each other, sending flirty messages and even hanging out around the same groups of people. We’re not sure if they’ll make it work this time around, but these three things can sure help when you’re trying really hard not to get back with an ex: