Starbucks Is Donating 100% of Leftovers to Food Banks

America’s favorite coffeehouse announced that they will donate 100% of their leftover food to those in need. Starbucks will donate their leftover food through a program called FoodShare in partnership with Feeding America and Food Donation Connection.

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starbucks In the U.S., one in seven people struggle with hunger, that’s over 48 million Americans that don’t always have access to food. Unfortunately businesses don’t always do what Starbucks has pledged to do and an estimated 70 billion pounds of food waste is produced across the U.S. each year.

Through the new FoodShare program, the two organizations will collect perishable food each day from Starbucks locations via refrigerated vans. The food will then reach food banks and rescue agencies, reaching those in need in less than 24 hours, because after all this is perishable food, so it needs to be consumed quickly.