Want Sexy Legs? |Make Sure You’re Doing This

Have you ever had leg envy? Sounds weird, but many women are envious of women with great legs. You know, those that have smooth, toned legs with no bumps, no veins and that look great while wearing shorts and dresses. The warm weather is here and it’s time to prep your legs and have them looking great so you can be the envy of others!

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Having great sexy legs doesn’t take hard work, but just like other parts of your body, you have to give them some love so they can look great. Many times we forget that this part of our body needs some attention too and we forget about the basics. Stop hiding your legs behind pants, make sure you do these things in order to  show off your beautiful legs.

Women's legs on a beachTake a Bath

Your legs have been in hibernation for at least 6 months during the winter and more than likely you’ve taken quick showers because we know that taking showers in the winter can be a freezing endeavor. Well those hot showers in combination with the cold dry weather can only mean that the skin from your legs is dry and ashy. What you need is some pampering and what better than a bubble bath. Soaking in the tub with warm water for even 15-20 minutes (not hot because that dries your skin) can help you get smooth legs. Add some moisturizing bubble bath or some moisturizing bath oils and your skin will thank you later.


Most women focus on exfoliating their faces, but they don’t realize there are dead skin cells all over your body. Exfoliating your legs doesn’t have to be a difficult task and in fact you can do it with a salt, sugar or even coffee scrub with tea tree oil for smoother legs. It can also help you get rid of bumps and ingrown hairs by keeping down the swelling and inflammation.
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