8 Reasons Your Child Should Be Dancing

Zack Torres is a dancer that got his big break on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and who became a regular guest on Dance Moms. The young dancer volunteers at a charitable organization called Tutus for Tots, which introduces the joy of dance and movement to those who might otherwise have no access.

The organization shines light on the importance of after-school programs and how important it is to keep children motivated and active during after-school hours.Tutus for Tots provides free dance classes to children are considered at risk youth.zach torres dancing

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 With so many distractions like cell phones, tablets and video games, it’s often difficult to get your children out of the house and doing exercise, which is why dance is such a great idea.

Benefits of Dancingballerinas with their teacher

Keeps you active
Help you lose weight
Stay flexible
Reduce Stress
Make friends
Boosts memory
Helps your heart
Increases energy

As you can see, dance is beneficial at any age, so take some time and dance. People love dancing shows, but don’t just watch dancing shows, take the initiative and pick up some dance classes. There are many organizations like the Boys and Girls Club that have dance classes that can help keep your children off the streets. Dancing keeps youth out of the street and they get the motivation that they need to perform even better in school.
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