Woman With First Uterus Transplant Hopes To Have A Birth Child Soon

So many women are born without a uterus or just can’t have children and now there’s hope that they too will someday become birth mothers. A 26 year old woman named Lindsey became the first American woman to receive a uterus transplant two weeks ago and she is hopeful that someday she will be able to birth her own child.

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Speaking at a morning news conference, Lindsey said that although she and her husband have adopted 3 kids, she has still longed to give birth to her own child.

newborn baby“At 16, I was told I would never have children. From that moment on, I prayed that God would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy,” she said.

The Cleveland Clinic doctors, which did the transplant will be doing 9 more uterus transplants as part of a research study. The donated uteruses will come from deceased organ donors, just like in Lindsey’s case, which came from a deceased woman in her 30’s.

“Our first transplant took place on Feb. 24, and our patient is doing very well,” Dr. Andreas Tzakis, program director of the Transplant Center at Cleveland Clinic, said during the news conference.