Michael B. Jordan Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’: “You Just Have to Believe in Yourself”

pressure for him to be able to provide, and he’s at a place where he’d rather sacrifice his time and attention to honing his craft than having a serious relationship. For Jordan, it’s all about taking care of his family first.

“I’m pretty sure the women won’t say that’s good, but for me it’s like I can’t have any regrets and I have to know that I gave everything I had to making my family okay. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters to me is my family, bro. I come from nothing, so it’s like my family, they came with me. That’s all I care about…”

What’s Next for Michael
In 10 years, Jordan — who will next star as a former Navy SEAL-turned-CIA operative in Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse — hopes “to be maybe directing a little more, acting less, producing a lot more.”

“Just growing, whatever the next evolution of me is,” he says. “Hopefully a family by then, I’m going to throw that in the universe. I want to make an impact all over the world and not just through the roles that I play.”