Mistakes That Cause You To Lose Muscle

One of the scariest things that can happen to you at the gym is blacking out and passing out after you’ve been lifting weights. This can happen when you’re so focused on losing weight and building muscle, that you forget about simple things like eating. Building muscle is not easy, so make sure you’re not making mistakes that can set you back and even make you sick.



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Protein is extremely important whenguys with muscles you’re trying to build muscle. For someone who is thin that is looking to put on muscle mass, a 2,000 calorie diet won’t be enough. This is ideal recipe for losing muscle tissue and fat, since it causes the body to go into starvation-mode and starts shedding calorie-consuming muscle. The less protein you eat, the less time you give your muscles to recover after a workout.
Don’t over do it with the cardio. One of the first things people think about when losing weight is cardio. When you do it too often, too long or on an empty stomach, you’re burning way too many calories, so the calories that you need to build muscle mass are just not there.