10 Ways To Get A Quick Happy Fix

Couple sit outside singing with guitars in the sunHappiness goes a long way when we talk about it from a health perspective. It relieves stress, guarantees security and safety and makes you feel good, above all else. Long-term happiness is something that each individual has to work on and secure on their own, but this get happy quick scheme doesn’t hurt either.

We’re going to give you a few ideas on how to feel happy quick and invite our readers to share in their happiness driven ideas as well.

1. Family: Believe it or not, parents with multiple children are said to be happier in the long run and feel more satisfied, although it might not be the same thing for the siblings. Having large families or even just one sibling and parents can bring quick happiness, especially if the bonds are tight and relationships are close.

Being around family can ensure guaranteed acceptance, especially if you take into consideration that this is someone who has known you since you were born.

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2. An Upbeat Tempo Pop Song : Not everyone likes pop music, we know, but playing a song that gets your toe tapping and head bopping can also increase your heart rate and make you feel better. Remember Emilio Estevez in the Breakfast Club dancing around the library along with his fellow classmates? Makes you smile doesn’t it?

3. Dancing : And with that, if you are in a space to do so, dance. As the saying goes, dance like no one is watching or like Kevin Bacon or Estevez. It’ll definitely lighten the mood and make you see that the world isn’t so bad. You just needed to dance a little bit.

4. A Clean Home: This may only sound joyful to some, but having a clean house, even if it is only for a day can make a lot of people really happy. Organization and control in one area of your life may give you the gumption to conquer other areas as well. Clean spaces make for productive people. Try cleaning your house or even if it’s just your desk space, the next time you’re feeling down.

5. Alone Time: the opposite of hanging out with family is being alone. Sometimes this is what you need to be able to think or put things into perspective. Being a lone means you have time to think, talk to yourself, read a book, and do what YOU want in order to make YOU happy. Sometimes separating from the chaos of the world is all you need.

6. Exercise: Working out leads to endorphins being released in the brain. Along with that, you feel satisfied and accomplished after pushing yourself to the limit. Exercise is also a tension reliever and gives you an excuse to burn off some steam and release toxins from your body you wouldn’t be able to do any other way. Remember to drink a lot of water, too.

7. Singing: A recent study showed that singing made people happier. Can you deny it? Singing in your car or in the shower allows you to release some energy, focus on one goal in particular (hitting the high notes) and depending on the song, helps you relate to someone who might feel the same. If it’s a happy song, that alone might also help you feel better. Try it one of these days if you’re feeling blue.

8. Watching a Funny Movie or Sitcom: In other words, laughing will get you feeling better instantly. You can also try to mix laughing in to some of the other suggestions above. Laughter makes you feel good, it makes you feel satisfied and it brings about a feeling of closeness and emotional connection. As a comedian once said, “The closest line between two people is a laugh.”

9. Cooking: There are some individuals like Tías, Mamá, Abuela and even a prima or two who just feel good when controlling a meal. Whether it’s making enchiladas, tamales, arroz or making your favorite dessert, the deliciousness in the meal comes from the joy and love of cooking it. The next time you’re feeling a bit run down, try baking or making chuletas like mami does. It might actually make you feel better if it comes out tasting something like hers.

10. Playing a Game: Scrabble! Battleship! Loteria! Jenga! There are so many games out there that you can play that can make you feel better in an instant just for the sake of playing. Whether you’re playing a game by yourself or one with friends, the focus on achievement instead of what might be making you sad can benefit you even if it is just for the night.