Does Collagen Actually Work For Your Skin?

beautiful skin on womanThere is still a cloud of doubt surrounding the idea of collagen boosting the skin’s health. But what does exactly collagen do to our skin and should we give in to the hype of collagen skincare?

Collagen is a protein naturally produced in the body. Many companies are marketing collagen skincare products for improving skin’s elasticity and reducing visible fine lines

According to pharmacists and Victoria Health co-founder, Shabir Daya collagen skincare products in the form of creams is ineffectual.

“Though there are many collagen creams, scientists believe that these are ineffectual since the collagen molecule is too large to penetrate the skin, especially trying to get to four or five layers deep in the dermis,” Daya was quoted in an article.

Latina skincare entrepreneur Anixia Rodriguez found a way to incorporate collagen to your skincare by founding the marine collagen company La Sirène.

Rodriguez believes ingesting collagen is the only way your body reproduces collagen.

“If you don’t, it will diminish and it won’t reproduce on its own. With ingesting it’s helping you overall. It’s not just your skin – it’s your skin, your hair, your bones, your joints – it’s overall wellness,” the Cuban-American was quoted.

Some studies also say that taking foods rich in vitamin C can increase the body’s production of collagen.

If you are convinced about the power of collagen, here are some products you can add to your cart:


1. Youtheory Collagen Advanced with Vitamin C
Youtheory Collagen aims to improve the appearance of skin, hair, and nails. This is an oral supplement that aims to replenish the lost collagen in the body.

This is available in tablets, powders, packets, liquid collagen, and collagen protein shake.

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2. Revly Collagen with Vitamin C
This collagen product is gluten-free and is advised to be taken with 3 tablets daily.

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3. NeoCell Super Collagen with Vitamin C
This collagen supplement not only benefits the skin but also promotes healthy hair, nails, and joint support.

The product also claims to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. It is said to provide thicker hair and slow hair loss.

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4. Viva Naturals
The product claims to improve skin firmness by 14 percent and skin elasticity by 18 percent in only 60 days.

The hydrolyzed collagen increases skin hydration by 35 percent, strengthens with hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C.

Viva Naturals also claims to improve daily joint function by 46 percent and reduce joint stiffness by 44 percent.

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5. Moon Juice
A vegan collagen solution is here to provide you with youthful skin. This helps protect skin from free radical damage.

It also reduces the appearance of fine lines. This is 100 percent natural, including non-dairy, and gluten-free.

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6. HUM Collagen love
This collagen product has key ingredients like collagen peptide types I, II, and III. This also includes Hyaluronic Acid which helps hold moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

HUM’s Collagen Love has vitamin C which helps prevent cell damage from sun, stress, and time. This also aids in promoting the production of collagen.

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