Luis Coronel Almost Took His Life When He Was a Teen

Luis Coronel recently celebrated his 20th birthday and he’s accomplished a lot at such a young age. The young heartthrob had humble beginnings and was even a boxer in his teens when he suffered from depression having lost his father at a young age.

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Many times Coronel didn’t have much to eat at home and to make matters worse, he was constantly bullied for being poor. Kids would laugh at his old shoes or because he didn’t have socks, or simply because he would wear the same shirt and pants every day of the week. His mother worked at a fitness center as a cleaning lady and she gave him everything she could, even though many times it wasn’t enough.luis coronel, instagram

His father was in jail for 2 years since he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, then was deported to Mexico, and even though he tried coming back several times, he wasn’t successful. One day the family received a call that their father was in an accident and died, this is when Coronel’s life came crashing down.