Aspirin Beauty Uses and More…

Aspirin is one of the most common medications that almost everyone has in their medicine cabinet. It’s used mostly as a pain reliever or even given to patients with heart conditions. The best part is that aspirin can be used in your beauty routine and even in your plants. If you have expired aspirin, do not flush them down the toilet or throw them away. Check out how you can use aspirin other than as a pain reliever!


Hand Sanitizer

Crushing an aspirin with your fingers and rubbing it on the palm of your hands can serve as a hand sanitizer since aspirin is anti-bacterial and much stronger than the soap we normally use.


If you have smelly, itchy, dry feet, you might have fungus. To get rid of it, just drop a couple of aspirins in a bucket of warm water and let it dissolve, then place your feet in and this will help clear any bacteria living in your feet.