Antibiotics| Do You Really Need Them?

Many times when we travel to foreign countries in Latin America, we are told to be very careful about what we eat and drink. Especially the water because it’s not filtered the same way it is in the U.S. Many times, drinking directly from the faucet or even simply brushing your teeth, can get you very sick. This happened to me last summer and when I visited my doctor, she suggested that I just let it run its course, which is not something you want to hear when you’re vomiting straight for three days and the diarrhea does not stop. You want antibiotics, but many times, like in my case, they’re not necessary.

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hispanic woman sneezing

According to the CDC, the overuse and unnecessary use of antibiotics is a major problem. When most people feel sick, they immediately run to their doctor for a quick fix and ask for antibiotics and a lot of times they don’t need them. In fact, antibiotics are losing their effectiveness and over-use of antibiotics is making them ineffective for some common illnesses.