8 Ways to Lower Your Cancer Risk

An older couple rides their bikes on the beachCancer is now the leading cause of death among Latinos, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. As common as it is, many Latinos who lack health insurance cannot afford the proper care for screenings and preventative care. Therefore, taking control of caring for oneself is of utmost importance and is more affordable in a preventative, natural state than correcting the problems later in life.

1. Screenings

As mentioned above, there are many Latinos without health insurance and unable to afford mammograms or prostate screenings. However, there are many organizations that will do them for free based solely on the fact that  it is needed among ethnic and low-income communities.

Screenings do not prevent cancer, but catch it at a very early stage to keep it from developing and allow for treatments to be implemented right away.  If possible, get tested yearly and talk to your doctor about other situations to take into consideration.

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