"Healthy Foods" That Are Making You Fat

You workout, you try to eat healthy, but you still can’t lose weight. What’s the problem? Most dietitians will tell you that what you eat is half the battle when it comes to losing weight. In fact, there are many foods that get away with being labeled healthy, but they’re really not.

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Avocados are a popular veggie in the Latino community because of the infamous guacamole. It’s also been categorized a super food because it’s full of good fats, antioxidants and nutrients. Yet, a small bowl of guacamole can have as many as 350 calories. One serving size, which is a fifth part of an avocado is 50 calories.

avocados,vegetables, unhealthyTrail Mix

People love eating trail mix as a healthy snack, but be careful about the type of trail mix that you eat. Dried fruit can contain tons of sugar. If you eat trail mix for the nuts, a healthier option would be to buy a bag of almonds. A quarter cup is 132 calories and be sure you choose one that is low sodium or simple those that are roasted or toasted.trailmix